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Welcome to Phuket Best Homes

Phuket Best Homes has 20 years of experience in Consulting, Planning & Constructing of all kinds of buildings. Therefore we own a vast knowledge in those topics. We engage top motivated and qualified employees and experience hardly any fluctuation.

We also sell condominiums with freehold (foreigners can buy & own these), apartments and already constucted houses ! We guarantee a rental return of 6% from your investment for a period of 3 years ! The total rental amount (3 years) will be paid in advance by us !

Phuket Best Homes offers a vast variety of rental apartments and condominiums on a short and long term basis!

House for sale

We would be delighted to hear from you and answer all your individuel questions or send you a proposal for a future project or investment.
 Please send your inquiry to:
or call directly on of the numbers below!

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Apartments for rent
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+66 81 895 7597
(Kuhn Jaturong)
+66 81 970 1479
(Kuhn Kitty)
+66 81 892 8526
(Kuhn Peter)

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